About me

A bit about me

About meI’m Mark Mackinnon and I’m a freelance web designer in the UK. I’m 43 years old and I have a boxer/whippet cross rescue dog called Lexi.

I have always been interested in design and computers and I built my first ever website in 2004. The site is still online to this day, you can see it here.

I have been working full time as a professional web designer since 2007. I run my own small web design business here in the UK and I also work freelance for a number of web design and marketing and agencies.

Why I setup this website

The web design industry has changed a lot since I first started working in it and I noticed something happening more and more. First, let me explain how things used to work:

A potential client would contact me wanting a website creating for them or their business. I’d design and build the website from scratch and charge the client accordingly. This meant I was creating each element on the website from scratch on every website I made – the navigation, the buttons – everything.

I soon noticed that this wa a very long winded way of doing things and wasn’t really required. It’s like having a suit made from scratch everytime you wanted a new suit, it’s unnecessary when you can go to a store and buy a suit in your size off the peg.

Marketplaces started to appear online where website templates, or themes are available to buy for a very cheap price (around $50) and there are even sites where you can download a theme for your website for free.

These themes look great and are created by world class designers. They look as good if not better than a design that most web design agencies would produce for you.

I started to offer 2 options to my clients –

  1. I could create a website for them from scratch. It would be a bespoke design and built by me
  2. I could use a ready made theme for their website and it would considerably reduce the work involved, look just as good as a custom designed website and cost them a fraction of the price.

My recommended theme marketplaces

There are thousands of WordPress themes available and each one of them can be customised in hundreds of ways so it’s unlikely you’ll ever see the exact same theme used twice.

So what are you waiting for?!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and let me show you step by step how to build your very own great looking, professional website in just a few hours and save thousands on web design costs.

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