Q. I’m not very technical, can I really create my own website?

A. Yes! You no longer need any technical knowledge to set up your own website. As long as you have very basic computer skills you have what it takes to create your own website. Follow along with me and I will show you step by step. Start here.

Q. What costs are involved in setting up a website?

A. There are two basic costs when setting up a website:
1. The cost of a domain name: this is around £8 a year
2. The cost of web hosting: this is aroud £5 per month. That’s it!

Q. When I build my website will it show up in Google?

A. It’s very likely that Google will find your website, crawl it and add it to it’s index without us doing a thing, but we’ll be doing better that that, once your website is complete we’ll be submitting it to Google so they can crawl it and add it to their search engine straight away.

Q. What is a blog?

A. A blog (the full name is “weblog”) is an online journal that displays information in reverse chronological order, so the latest blog post will appear first. Often websites would be blogs and that’s it but nowadays many website include a blog area. Just like my my website does.

Q. Is a blog the same as a website?

A. Blogs are a type of website. The difference between a blog and a regular website is blogs contain blog posts listed in date order where as a website has pages that are static in nature and not listed in date order. As I mentioned in the previous answer, nowadays many websites containg blog areas, they are sometimes called ‘Latest News’ or ‘News’. Find out more here.