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Right, let’s get started

Let me show you how to build your own great looking, professional website in just a couple of hours. I’ll show you how you can save £1000’s on web design costs by creating your own website. It’s easier than you think and anyone can do it. You don’t need any design or technical know how, if you can use a computer you’re all set.

We’ll be using the WordPress platform to build your website. Why WordPress? Well because it is by far the best platform to build a website with and I use it for neary all my clients sites, this site you’re on now is built with WordPress. Nearly half of the websites you’ll see online are built using WordPress.

Reasons to LOVE WordPress

  • It’s free! 😉
  • It’s really easy to use, great for beginners
  • There are lots of great themes available
  • It’s powerful – you can build any type of website with it
  • Lots of help & support available online

Just follow what I do

I’ve created a series of videos showing exactly how to build your own website. Just watch over my shoulder and follow me, just copy what I do. Within a few hours you’ll have your very own website live on the internet – it’s really simple, you can’t go wrong!

Please watch the video below

Video transcription

Don’t like video?! If you’re more of a reading than a watching kinda person, click the button below to read a  transcription of the video.

Click here to read the video transcription

Hi guys, welcome to the section of the website where you can navigate through the video tutorials. There’s 6 modules, with 3 or 4 videos in each module. So you literally just watch the videos in order and follow along with what I’m doing step by step and you can’t go wrong, it’s really easy and within a couple of hours you’ll have your very own website live on the internet.

In each video if theres any links that I mention I will include the links under the video to make it easy for you to click on them, save you making a note of them. There’s also a section underneath each of the vidoes for you to leave any comments or questions you might have. So if there’s anything you don’t understand or are stuck on, feel free to leave me a comment under the video and I’ll get back to you with an answer. If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me through the website and I’ll get back to you and try to help, that’s not a problem at all.

Make sure when you’ve created your website that you send me a link and show me your new website – I’d love to see your creations! It’s really easy, just follow along with me step by step and you’ll have your very own website in no time.

Right guys, good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂

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